The performance increase is dramatic. But for many applications, the improvement isn’t in the right place.

Fast, but fast enough?

The most anticipated new Blazor feature — overwhelmingly — is ahead-of-time compilation. Everyone wants it, and plenty of developers are hoping it will help them clear the last remaining hurdle to releasing a real-world Blazor WebAssembly project.

The reality is a little more complicated.

The Blazor compilation model

Today’s Blazor — the version you…

The delicate balance between project requirements and professional development

Illustration by Icons 8 from Ouch!

Would you choose a tech stack to pad your résumé? Do you know someone who overbuilds in the name of professional development?

I ask because I’ve been spending a lot of time recently with Kubernetes, the container orchestrator and cool kid of the DevOps world. I’m a longtime fan of…

A humorous look at the AI pair programmer

Soon we’ll need to decide whether to welcome AI coding assistants or fear them

I’ve been talking a lot about GitHub Copilot recently. The AI coding assistant is an uncanny mashup of brilliant and boneheaded — a seemingly helpful coding savant that actually needs a lot of babysitting.

What interests me isn’t whether Copilot is the killer AI app for today’s programmers. (Never mind…

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